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Singing bowls are known to originate from Tibet, and their use is mostly credited to a sect of shamans who used them for their rituals. In the first creations of singing bowls, they were mainly made of between five to nine different metals. Iron, copper, tin, gold, mercury, silver and some metals from meteorites were the main metals used in the ancient days.
These days, the metal singing bowls are made with the exact metals used back then, but they use casts. This is to make sure that the bowls are uniform in nature and thus very easy to use. You will therefore not need to learn how to play each separate singing bowl.Read more about silver bowls at  . For people who do not have enough time to learn how to play the different singing bowls, this is a big advantage. For those who are interested in the antique ones, they are normally highly priced in comparison with the modern one and again very rare to find.
Crystal singing bowls are a type of singing bowls that are hand carved out of a huge mass of crystal. This makes them unique and gives them their own sound which is different from the singing bowls made of other metals. The most common use is meditation or the healing of body and mind. They help the person meditating to reach a higher level of meditation when using them. A big advantage of crystal singing bowls is that they produce a higher pitch sound as compared to the metal singing bowls. They are thus highly preferred by individuals who have made meditation part of their lives.
These bowls are simple to use. Most of them have straight edges, so when using them in meditation, all you have to do is hold the singing stick vertical to the edge of the bowls and rotate it a low speed. Nowadays, in yoga classes, there is someone who is dedicated to using the singing bowl as the other members of the class meditate. This is a great asset to any yoga class as it helps the members of the class to meditate easier.
Crystal singing bowls are famous for their strong resonance and the ability to tune to the body's energy at ideal frequencies.Read more about silver bowls at  silverskyimports  . Their healing power is notable. Rock crystal is believed to accumulate pure solar energy, and this harmonizes the whole body by carrying a flow of fresh energy across the cells and body organs, especially the heart and eyes.